Zakours Floor Coverings has unlimited and authentic vinyl

Zakours Floor Coverings providing carpets in Portland, Oregon since 1965

Today you will be pleased to know there are now unlimited options in vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is not only capable of withstanding heavy traffic, it is also resistant to scratches. The most popular trend right now is plank flooring, which provides the authentic feel of real wood flooring without the expensive price tag. The best thing about vinyl flooring isn’t how withstanding it is, but that it provides a comfortable and soft feeling on your feet.

Vinyl flooring is now available in a variety of colors, looks, and textures to choose from. At Zakours Floor Coverings we will walk you through your flooring options to come up with the best choice for your needs. Come by our Portland, Oregon location to pick out the vinyl flooring that you can enjoy for years to come.